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5 Modern Shouse Floor Plans with Real Pictures

Shouse or shopdiminium is a term often used to describe buildings that have been constructed to serve dual purposes. Such a floor plan contains both a workshop or storage shed, and a residential space under the same roof.

A balanced shouse floor plan is important for several reasons such as space utilization, separation of area, better accessibility & flow, energy efficiency, and better resale value.

Here, we brought 5 amazing shouse plans that are suitable for any region.

So , let’s begin.

Modern Shouse plan with 2 beds + car parking

Here’s a shouse floor plan that features 1,230 heated square feet, 2 bedrooms,s and 4 parking areas having the work and living areas separated.

I personally liked this shopdominium design mainly due to the modern outlook it provides. Besides living comfort, this plan gives you isolated access to the commuters who need a proper work-life balance.

Here’s the floor plan (Plan 400011FTY)

Shouse floor plan

What’s in this floor plan?

  • Shop: Measuring a substantial 59′-0″ by 38′-8″, this space is clearly intended for significant work, storage, or as a hobby area. It’s a vast, open space that extends two stories, offering a lot of vertical room, which is ideal for larger projects or storing tall equipment. It includes four large bays, each 10′-0″ by 10′-0″, suitable for vehicles, woodworking, or other machinery.
  • Carport: Attached to the shop is a carport, sized at 60′-0″ by 19′-4″. This is ample space for additional covered parking, protecting vehicles or outdoor equipment from the elements.
  • Living Space:
  • The living room is a generous 13′-8″ by 19′-6″, providing a comfortable area for relaxation and family time.
  • The kitchen/dining area is directly accessible from the living room, which supports an open-plan feel conducive to social interaction.
  • The laundry room is conveniently situated next to the kitchen, optimizing household chores’ efficiency.
  • Master bedroom measures 11′-6″ by 12′-9″, with an attached master bath for privacy.
  • There’s a second bedroom measuring 10′-3″ by 9′-4″, which is modest but functional.
  • An office space of 11′-0″ by 9′-6″ is included, perfect for work-from-home scenarios or managing personal affairs.
  • An additional bathroom is placed adjacent to the second bedroom and office for easy access.

Final outlook:

Shouse floor plan final outlook

How did I feel about the shouse layout?

From a shouse owner’s perspective, there’s a lot that’s appealing about this design. The separation of living and workspaces is well-thought-out, with the living quarters cozily nestled to one side and the work area expansive and open.

The inclusion of a carport alongside the shop offers a multi-use aspect to the structure, blending outdoor and indoor utilitarian spaces smoothly.

However, one could argue that the shop’s dominance in terms of square footage could be slightly imbalanced if the owners spend more time living rather than working here. The living space, while open and well-designed, could benefit from more square footage, especially if this is a full-time residence for a family.


  • Functional Separation: Living and workspaces are distinct, reducing noise and interference.
  • Spacious Workshop: The large dimensions allow for various activities and projects.
  • Accessibility: The carport’s location to the shop and house allows for ease of movement, particularly in inclement weather.
  • Natural Light: Judging from the real picture, the design includes ample windows, which should provide plenty of natural light, especially in the upper story.


  • Living Space Size: The living quarters might feel cramped compared to the vastness of the shop.
  • Bedroom Proportions: The secondary bedroom and office might be considered small, particularly if they’re intended for long-term use.
  • Single Access to Bedrooms: All bedrooms and the office are accessible through a single hallway, which could create a bottleneck.
  • No Direct Interior Access to Shop: There doesn’t appear to be direct access from the living quarters to the shop, which might be inconvenient in bad weather or for security reasons.

The layout certainly suggests that the designer prioritized a substantial work area, which could be exactly what a potential owner might need.

Still, for those who seek more balance between living and working areas, some adjustments might be beneficial.

As for the external aesthetics, the shouse looks modern and sleek, with large windows adding a touch of elegance and ensuring that the interior is bathed in natural light.

Multi-storied shouse plan with wraparound porch

Here’s a shouse layout that features 2 two-story structures the great room on the upper floor.

This is a comparably large floor layout with 4,491 square feet but, you can customize and get it tailored anytime.

Let’s look at the plan first, (Plan 135079GRA).

Multi storied shouse floor plan
Multi storied shouse floor plan floor 2

What’s in the floor layout?

The floor plan presents a two-story shouse with distinct zones for living, working, and showcasing vehicles, along with generous outdoor space.

Ground Floor:

  • Great Room: A spacious area with a 2-story cathedral ceiling, measuring 22′-3″ by 24′-3″. It serves as the central living space.
  • Kitchen: Positioned adjacent to the dining area, at 12′-0″ by 18′-8″.
  • Dining Area: Comfortably sized at 14′-0″ by 18′-6″.
  • Master Bedroom: A private space at 18′-0″ by 16′-0″, with a 9′-1 1/8″ wall height, and an en suite master bath.
  • Laundry Room and Half Bath are sensibly located near the master suite.
  • Garage: A sizable area for vehicles, at 28′-0″ by 23′-10″.
  • Car Show Room: A specialized space for displaying vehicles, measuring 28′-0″ by 24′-0″.

Second Floor:

  • Office/Study: A secluded work area of 14′-0″ by 18′-6″.
  • Loft: Overlooking the great room, this area is 23′-3″ by 18′-7″.
  • Additional Bedrooms: Two more bedrooms, each 12′-10″ by 12′-9″.
  • Lounge: A separate relaxation area at 28′-1″ by 24′-1″.
  • Storage Space: Significant additional storage area measuring 28′-0″ by 26′-0″.

Let me show you what the final build will look like.

Multi storied shouse floor plan final look

What did I feel about the floor plan?

The dedicated space for showcasing vehicles is a unique feature that car enthusiasts would find highly attractive. Also, the plan offers a sense of openness and brilliance to the living spaces, enhancing the aesthetic appeal.

Moreover, the second-story loft adds an open and airy feel, making the great room feel even more spacious. The clear separation between living spaces, vehicle storage, and work areas is practical and well thought out.

However, direct access from the living area to the shop would be more convenient. While generous, the space dedicated to vehicles might be excessive for some owners, possibly at the expense of additional living space or amenities.

Pros and Cons


  • Ample Storage and Workspace: Offers a lot of room for hobbies, storage, or running a home-based business.
  • Dedicated Car Show Room: A dream for car collectors or enthusiasts.
  • Spacious Living Areas: The great room and bedrooms are generously sized, promoting comfort.
  • Outdoor Spaces: The covered porches provide lovely areas for relaxation and enjoying the outdoors.


  • Large Footprint: The building may require a sizable piece of land, which could be costly or impractical for some.
  • Maintenance: The larger the building, the more time and money it may require for upkeep.
  • Energy Efficiency: Large open spaces like the great room with cathedral ceilings can be more challenging and expensive to heat and cool.

This plan features a gable-style roof which is an excellent choice for better drainage and ventilation. The sloped sides allow for excellent water and snow run-off, preventing water damage or accumulation.

Gable roofs often provide additional attic space, which can be used for storage or even additional living space, as seen with the loft area.

The shape of the roof allows for good ventilation, which can help regulate temperature and reduce moisture build-up. Most importantly, Gable roofs are timeless and can contribute to the overall charm and character of the property.

From an architectural standpoint, the roof complements the multi-use nature of this shouse, providing practical benefits while also adding to the structure’s visual appeal.

Shouse plan with a really large workshop

Here’s another two-storied shouse design. The workshop is really big having the apartment on the second floor.

The floor plan outlines a two-level structure with clearly defined work and living spaces, each with its distinctive features and measurements.

Now, let me share the floor playout first (Plan 62328DJ).

Shouse floor plan with large workshop shed

So, what is this shouse plan?

On the Ground Level:

  • Shop: A vast area with a two-story ceiling, measuring 49′ x 66′. This space is likely designated for heavy-duty work, machinery, or storage given its size.
  • Office: Adjacent to the shop is an office measuring 16′ x 12′, providing a private workspace.
  • Mud Room with Bench: An area that serves as a transition space, helping to keep the main living areas clean.
  • Mechanical Room: A dedicated space for housing utilities.
  • Entry Area: Leading to the staircase (“UP”) to the second level.
  • Covered Patio: Extending from the office, offering outdoor leisure space.

On the Upper Level:

  • Great Room (Grt. Rm.): A large communal area at 16′ x 18′, with an adjoining kitchen space of 10′ x 15′.
  • Dining Room (Din.): Next to the kitchen, measuring 14′ x 12′.
  • Master Bedroom (Mbr.): A private retreat sized at 16′ x 15′.
  • Open to Below: Indicating areas with a view down to the lower level, contributing to a sense of space.

Let me show you how the built structure will appear!

SHouse floor plan with big workshop final look

Is this plan worthy?

Let me first discuss what are the interesting aspects of this shopdominium plan.

  • The substantial size of the shop caters to various large-scale projects or hobbies.
  • The separate office on the ground floor provides a quiet place for business or personal tasks, away from the main living areas.
  • The covered patio is a thoughtful addition, enhancing the living space with an outdoor retreat.
  • The upper level has an “open to below” design element, creating an open and airy feel.

So, what would have been some possible improvements?

  • The office might benefit from a direct internal connection to the shop for convenience and climate control.
  • The mudroom is a nice touch, but additional storage for outdoor gear might be useful.
  • On the second floor, the great room could potentially feel disconnected from the outdoor space, a balcony or direct outdoor access could enhance this.

In a nutshell, is just a perfect shouse plan if you want to keep your apartment and workshed connected but fully isolated.

In my opinion and past experience, this shouse presents an interesting blend of expansive workspace and comfortable living area. The design choices, like the large shop and upper-level living, reflect a lifestyle that values both work and leisure while keeping them distinctly separate.

Shouse plan with separate drive-through capacity

This shopdominium plan features 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, two-story structure having the workshop or the shop shed completely isolated from the common living space.

Most importantly, the design features a separate drive-through for the customers so that the privacy of the home is privileged.

Let me guide you with the plan first. (Plan 35556GH)

Shouse pla with seperate drive through
Shouse pla with seperate drive through floor 2

What’s in the floor layout?

Ground Floor:

  • Shop: A large 39′ x 59′ workspace with two-story high ceilings, designed for significant projects or storage.
  • Three Car Garage: Measures 38′ x 26′, ample for vehicle storage.
  • Multi-Purpose Room: Sized 26’6″ x 20’6″, this flexible space can serve many functions.
  • Exercise Room: A dedicated 20′ x 20’6″ space for fitness activities.

Upper Floor:

  • Great Room: A central living space at 27′ x 18’8″, likely serving as the main gathering area.
  • Kitchen: Measures 14’4″ x 13’4″, adjacent to a sizable dining area.
  • Covered Lanai: Outdoor covered spaces measuring 10′ x 19′ and 11’6″ x 10’6″, providing nice areas for outdoor relaxation.
  • Master Suite: A generous 14’11” x 15’8″ bedroom with en-suite facilities.
  • Office: A private 11’3″ x 12’4″ space for work or study.
  • Guest Room: An extra sleeping area at 20’3″ x 12’4″.

The final look:

shouse plan with seperate drive through final look

How will a shouse owner value this plan?

The floor plan suggests a Shouse designed for individuals who appreciate a sizable working space alongside comfortable living areas.

The large shop and garage indicate that this home may cater to those with significant storage needs or who engage in hands-on work or hobbies.

Moreover, the inclusion of a multi-purpose and an exercise room on the ground floor adds to the functionality of the space, allowing for flexibility in use.

Besides, the upper floor has a traditional home feel with its great room, well-sized kitchen, and separate dining area, the covered lanais are a thoughtful touch, blending indoor and outdoor living. Such separation of the office and guest room from the main living area provides privacy for work and visiting guests.

However, daily living primarily on the upper floor could pose a challenge for those with mobility issues or when moving groceries and other items from the garage to the kitchen. Moreover, the exercise and multi-purpose rooms’ close proximity to the shop may not be ideal if the shop’s activities are noisy or produce dust.

Pros and Cons:


  • Spacious Workshop: Ideal for hobbies or a home-based business.
  • Ample Storage: Large garage and additional rooms provide plenty of storage.
  • Defined Living Spaces: Comfortable and well-distributed areas for dining, living, and sleeping.
  • Outdoor Living: Covered lanais offer enjoyable outdoor spaces for relaxation or dining.


  • Stairs Accessibility: Regular use of stairs to access the living areas could be inconvenient.
  • Proximity of Work and Exercise Areas: May result in disturbance to the exercise area during shop activities.
  • Upper Floor Living: Could pose logistical issues for activities like grocery unloading and furniture moving.

In summary, the design provides a substantial and versatile space for both personal and work needs, but it may require some lifestyle adjustments, particularly concerning the division of space between the two floors.

The architectural rendering of this Shouse reveals a modern, practical structure with an inviting aesthetic that fits well with the functional nature of the building.

Shouse plan with RV bays

This is another amazing shouse plan with a separate drive-through and RV bay. The design features both internal and external stairs to connect the living area with the workspace.

Let me show the the design layout. (Plan 35248GH)

Shouse plan with RV bay

What’s in the design layout?

The lower level has got a major workspace labeled “Shop” measuring 39′ by 59′, suggesting this space is the heart of any hands-on work or storage—pretty much a dream for someone with a lot of gear or a hefty hobby. The upper level is all about living comfortably, with a large 25’5″ by 22′ living room—space to chill, entertain, or just binge-watch your favorite shows. The kitchen’s solid at 10′ by 15′, with a pantry for all your snack attacks, and it flows into the dining room, making sure nobody’s left out of the conversation.

Now, let’s step into the shoes of a Shouse owner. The layout upstairs keeps things social with the open-concept design, and decks on both sides mean you’ve got choices for outdoor lounging. The master suite, which includes a bathroom, is roomy enough to feel like your personal retreat. The office and additional bedrooms offer ample space for family, work, or guests.

As for the downstairs, that mega shop space with direct access to the outside is clutch, especially if you’re managing big projects or need easy in-and-out for materials. But here’s a thought—maybe it would be handy to have a direct indoor staircase to the shop from the living quarters. You know, for those days when the weather’s nasty or if you’re just not feeling the great outdoors.

Here’s the built look (system generated)

shouse plan with RV bay built look


  • Work and Live: The balance between the workshop and living space is spot on for those who want to keep their work close but not too close.
  • Entertaining Ready: The upstairs layout is prime for having folks over—roomy and open.
  • Outdoor Access: With decks on both levels, you’ve got great spaces for some fresh air.
  • Privacy: Having the bedrooms away from the main living area means less noise when it’s time to hit the hay.


  • Staircase Location: No indoor stairwell to the shop could be a hassle.
  • Upstairs Kitchen: If you’re lugging groceries upstairs, that could be a workout you didn’t sign up for.
  • Utility Balance: If you don’t need a ginormous workshop, that space could feel wasted.

Looking at the actual Shouse, it’s got that cool, no-nonsense vibe—very much “I’ve got space, and I know how to use it.” It’s not trying too hard, but it’s still got style. Overall, this place is quite the setup for someone who loves their work and comfort in equal measure.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some commonly asked questions with simple answers.

How does a Shouse differ from a barndominium?

A shouse combines workshop space with a traditional house (keeping each one isolated from the other) whereas a barndominium is a barn converted into a living space, often retaining some rustic or industrial elements.

For example, a Shouse might look like a regular home from the outside but include a large, attached workshop. A barndominium, on the other hand, might have a more open floor plan and exposed beams, reflecting its barn origins.

Learn more on barndominium vs shouse here.

What is porch in floor plan?

In a floor plan, a porch is a covered area attached to the entrance of a house. Think of it like a chill spot before you step inside—where you might find some chairs or a swing to kick back and enjoy the view. If you’re peeping a floor plan and see “covered porch,” it’s hinting at a roofed outdoor space, perfect for sipping lemonade and watching sunsets.

What are the differences between porch and balcony?

A porch is like your home’s welcome mat; it’s on the ground floor, attached to the front or back, and often covered. It’s the spot where you relax with a book and wave to the neighbors. A balcony? That’s your private little platform hanging out from the upper floors, a perch for plant pots, or a breath of fresh air without the slippers-on-ground experience. If your buddy’s throwing a barbecue, you’ll chill on the porch, but if you’re toasting to a sunset, you’re probably leaning on the balcony rail.

Let’s wrap

If you are thinking about building a shouse, these floor plans can be good start. If anything comes in your mind, just reach out to us anytime.

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