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Barndominium Floor Plans

Unlock the latest barndominium plans for you

What are the most popular plans for the barndominium?

Barndominiums got the attention mainly due to its dual purpose and open floor concept. Nowadays, you can even start with an open floor plan and further customize it with an even more complex yet modern house plan. Overall, it offers you the ultimate freedom to play with multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, and specialized spaces.

Let me now show you some popular barndominium floor plan types.

Open Floor Plans

Most barndo owners prefer open floor plans mainly due to increased breathing space and the freedom to change the layout at any time. An open floor shouse plan combines kitchen, dining, and living areas into a single large space with a free indoor area. Such open floor house plans are entertaining and give you a feeling of feeling bigger.

Simple Barndominium Floor plan

We listed 5 amazing open floor barndominium plans that are ready to build.

We covered the shouse plan, multi-bedroom, and 2 storied concepts on the same piece so that you can get a rough idea of your desired floor layout.

Please note, that you are okay to customize any of the plans per your preference and budget.

Have a quick tour of the latest handpicked barndominium plan.

Lofted Space plans

Modern architects are now getting the benefit of high ceiling space of barndominium by utilizing it vertically. lofted areas can serve as extra bedrooms, offices, or recreational spaces. In a nutshell, such a plan offers you additional square footage without expanding the building’s footprint.

American Barndominium design layout

Here are 5 amazing modern barndominiums suitable for the different climates in USA.

You will get small to larger plans with multiple stories and garages.

Go through plans, choose your designs, and if needed customize as per your needs.

Here are the top American barndominium designs among which 3 designs have been the best-selling.

Multi-purpose ‘Shouse’ plans

Originally, the term barndominium represents a barn further converted into a residential space without compromising the earlier structure. However, multi-purpose residential & business structures are gaining intense popularity. Such structures are often called ‘Shouse’ where the workshop & the home are built under the same roof but are separated from each other.

Modern shouse floor plan

If you are looking for a modern shouse plan, these 5 plans would surely be a starting point.

A shouse plan may be closely similar with a barndominium plan but there are things such as separate entry, drive-through facility, noise optimization, and space utilization where you would need special attention.

So, if you are searching for a shopdominium plan with multiple car parking, our guides would be a great place to start.

Split bedroom layouts

Some owners prefer to have split bedrooms to protect the privacy and additional organizing of the space. There are some amazing plans where a master suite is designed on one side and the additional bedrooms are located on the opposite side of the barndo. Ideally, such floor plans keep privacy as a primary concern where the living areas remain connected.

Modern-rustic aesthetic plans

A blend of modern and rustic elements can be used to make a condominium. In such establishments, designers use exposed metal, reclaimed wood, and industrial fixtures to achieve a contemporary yet warm and inviting look. Even though the modern appearance first fits with the exterior appearance, indoor floor layout plays a vital role when putting appropriate doors, windows, and other fixtures inside.

What are the key features to look for on a floor layout?

When considering a floor plan for a barndominium, look for the below features:

  • Efficient Use of Space: Look for layouts that make efficient use of space and minimize wasted areas such as long hallways at the same time. Every square foot should have a purpose and if you are confused, ask for a clarification from your designer.
  • Natural Light: Plans that incorporate plenty of windows, and possibly skylights that bring a lot of natural lights in. Make sure that the space feels brighter and more open. Consider the orientation of the building for optimal light and energy efficiency.
  • Flexible Spaces: Spaces that can serve multiple purposes or be easily converted as your needs change are highly beneficial. For example, an office that can also function as a guest room.
  • Outdoor Access: Easy access to outdoor living areas such as porches or patios enriches the livability of your barndo. Especially if you have scenic views or enjoy outdoor entertaining.
  • Adequate Storage: Ensure there are enough closets and storage spaces inside of your shouse or barndo. This includes not only bedroom closets but also linen closets, pantry space in the kitchen, and perhaps a mudroom or utility room for additional storage.
  • Energy Efficiency: Consider features that improve energy efficiency, such as well-placed windows for cross-ventilation, energy-efficient appliances, and insulation techniques suited for your climate.
  • Master Suite Features: A well-designed master suite can serve as a private retreat. Look for en-suite bathrooms, walk-in closets, and enough space for a comfortable bedroom setup. It looks even better if the master suite is placed on the opposite side of the other bedrooms.
  • Laundry Room Location: The laundry room should be conveniently located, preferably near bedrooms or the main living area, to make laundry tasks easier and more accessible.
  • Ceiling Heights: High ceilings are a signature feature of many barndominiums. They not only add to the sense of space but can also accommodate lofts or mezzanines for extra living or storage areas. For more, check out our definitive guide on barndominium ceilings.
  • Garage or Workshop Space: If you need space for hobbies, storage, or a home-based business, make sure the layout includes a sufficiently sized garage or workshop area that’s easily accessible. It affects your insurance coverage because the appraisal stage will include a clarification of how have you organized your equipment or machinery.
  • Room for Expansion: If you anticipate needing more space in the future, look for a layout that allows for easy expansion. This could mean an extra room that can be finished later or a design that allows for an addition.

How do the barndominium floor plans differ from traditional ones?

Several differentiating factors keep a barndominium floor plan apart from a traditional house layout. and the first factor is the style of the layout.

The barndominium is a concept where an existing barn (a garage or a workshop as well) is later converted into an open-layout format livable space where high ceilings, rusting appearance, and large sliding or hinged doors are noticed. But, in a traditional home, the floor plan represents conventional residential architecture having a concentration on more rooms.

Furthermore, The layout itself differentiates a barndo from a traditional house with its open space and lack of internal separations. In a traditional home, the design focuses on internal separation and maximum utilization of the space with privacy, but in a shouse or a barndo, the floor layout remains open & wide having more concentration of less segmented layout.

Moreover, the materials used in a barndominium are completely different than the typical house. For example, traditional houses are built with wood or brick framing with vinyl or wood siding but, a barndo is built with pre-fabricated metal structure, metal siding, corrugated steel roofing, and wooden beams. Overall, in typical houses, we never focus on giving them a rustic appearance as we do with the barndominiums.

How much does a barndominium floor plan cost?

Off-the-shelf barndominium plans often cost from $1200 to $2000 whereas a custom plan costs $4500 to $7000, depending on what customization are you asking.

Typically, stock plans will eventually offer every type of barndo variant you may expect in today’s time. However, some owners still prefer custom plans for mixing up features like having a 3 bedroom barndo along with a crawlspace and such.

Interestingly, the barndominium plans (both stock & custom) would have Foundation, interior, exterior, electrical, floor plan, and construction detailing so that you can forward it to the contractor straight away.

Please note, that the plan price will always vary depending on the required formats such as PDF, CAD, PDF & CAD etc. The price also vary based on how many builts you want. You need to pay a premium price if you are seeking a multiple building opportunities.

How would you choose a perfect design layout?

Selecting a perfect floor plan depends on you! The location, land, budget, and features you need will tell which plan shou,d you opt for. Architectural designer’s websites will show you plenty of options and you need to select the right one.

This is important for you to first decide what would you need and why!

For instance, a 1 bedroom barndominium with an open floor layout, having no basement would cost you less than a plan having multiple bedrooms with lofted space and crawlspace.

Such plans may seem interesting but you need to keep the financial flow on so that whatever you are dreaming for, gets built with perfection.

You should also prioritize the use of natural light and the future needs of your structure. Effective use of natural lights using skylights or large windows not only gives a fresher indoor vibe but also adds in terms of saved utility bills.

Also, think about how will the barndominium serve you after 35 years so that you can get that now. For example, your grandsons may prefer an extension for the patio, or they would prefer setting up a party/workstation beside your barndo. Addressing those ahead will not only save time and money but will also carry your story to the next generation.

Can you customize the plan of a barndominium?

Yes, you can always customize a barndominium plan with an additional cost to your architectural designers. Such, customization would cost around $500 to $2000 extra depending on your desired change in the existing plan.

You may contact the existing design store for the customizations or hire anyone experienced with barndo planning from outsourcing platforms such as Fiverr, Upwork, etc.

Remember, customization would not only cost extra in planning, but it will also affect the total cost of your barndo. But, be very careful about the certifications of the person involved in customizing the plan. In the future, be it a barndominium insurance or finance, a solid certified plan would always save you time and money.

How long does it take to build a barn house?

Roughly, most barndominiums take 6 months on average to get completed. Some minimalist designs may get completed within 2 months if the barndominium kits are ready to erect.

Normally, metal suppliers will take time to prepare the prefabricated metal structures and again you need extra time to seek approval and get your land ready.

Some complex works such as tree root extraction or making a basement with a foundation can take additional time. Overall, the total time of roughly 6 months represents the time required for each of the stages which may change in your case.

Can you add a basement with an existing design?

Yes, you can easily add a basement with an existing barndominium floor plan. However, there are a few things you need to take care of as well.

First, adding a basement will need an overall revision of the structural integrity of the plan that you have purchased. Then, the basement would have an impact on foundation cost, insulation cost, plumbing cost, and others that will revise your overall cost estimation.

So, if you can afford extra money on customizing the plan and subsequenting impact of changin the plan, you are always okay to build a barndo with a basement.