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5 Simple barndominium floor plans

Simple barndominium floor plans are often straightforward, having an open floor layout, sliding doors, and heavily customizable interior spaces.

Such floor layout focuses on simplicity, functionality, and cost-effectiveness.

In this part, we will bring some awesome straightforward barndominium open floor designs that are suitable with metal fabrication, can be heavily customized, and will bring energy efficiency even if there is rustic appearance.

2 bedroom Shouse design layout

Here’s a floor plan of a barndominium that features an open floor plan, combining the living, dining, and kitchen into a shared space for a modern, airy feel.

There’s also a clear separation between the living spaces and the shop that allows work or hobbies without disturbing the home area. Also, the inclusion of covered patios extends the living space outdoors.

This is a beautiful Shouse layout that eventually separates commercial and residential areas under the same roof.

Here’s the design layout

Shouse plan
Image credit: architecturaldesigns

What is offered in this floor plan?

The above floor plan offers the following (let me first help you to explain the drawings)

  • Shop: On the left side of the plan, there is a large shop area measuring 23 feet by 39 feet, ideal for various projects or storage needs. It features two 12-foot by 12-foot garage doors, providing easy access for vehicles or larger equipment.
  • Great Room (Grt. Rm.): A substantial great room of 17 by 12 feet serves as the heart of the home, offering ample space for relaxation and family gatherings. It’s designed to be a comfortable living area with direct access to a covered patio.
  • Dining Room (Din.): Adjacent to the great room is the dining area, which is 19 feet by 10 feet, providing enough space for a family dining table.
  • Kitchen (K.): The kitchen is 19 feet by 9 feet with a convenient layout, including a pantry for additional storage.
  • Bedrooms (Mbr. and Br.2): The master bedroom (Mbr.) is comfortable 15 feet by 14 feet, and bedroom 2 (Br.2) is 13 feet by 12 feet. Both are conveniently located near the bathroom and laundry areas.
  • Bathroom (W, D, S): Between the bedrooms, there is a bathroom with a walk-in shower, dual vanities, and a toilet, as well as a laundry area opposite it.
  • Covered Patios: There are two covered patios, one larger space at 18 feet by 12 feet at the top of the plan, and another smaller one at 14 feet by 8 feet below the kitchen. These provide excellent areas for outdoor living and entertainment.

This Shouse plan is perfect for those seeking a simple yet efficient living space with the added benefit of a large workshop.

Let me show you how well your barndominium look like if it’s built on this plan:

Shouse plan barndo
Image credit: architecturaldesigns

What is the catch of this floor plan?

Key Highlights:

  • The heated living area of approximately 1,460 square feet is meticulously designed to provide comfort without incurring much for insulation.
  • The exterior with a durable metal roof and wood accents, providing a modern yet rustic look that’s very much in demand, especially for barndominium lovers.
  • The interior is open-wide, offering a more freedomly environment.
  • A significant sliding glass door in the great room opens better outdoor connectivity.
  • Two well-sized bedrooms are located on one side of the home for privacy. The master bed includes a walk-in closet, and there’s a shared bathroom with dual vanities serving both bedrooms.
  • For those with a passion for hands-on work or needing extra storage, the high-ceiling, drive-through shop is a standout feature.
  • The house plan includes detailed exterior elevations, floor and electrical plans, foundation plans, a roof plan, wall sections, stair sections, and cabinets.

Is there any negative side of this layout?

This is only suitable for a small family. Noise generated from the workshop may disrupt the residential space unless the soundproofing is not done by proper hand.

3 Bedroom floor plan

Here’s another elegant yet simple barndominium design layout.

This barndominium plan illustrates a comfortable and efficient floor layout designed for a family-oriented lifestyle. It combines open living spaces with private areas of 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

Here’s how the initial floor plan looks like:

3 bedroom barndominium floor plan
Image credit: architecturaldesigns

What’s in this floor layout?

It’s a generously sized room with an 11-foot ceiling, providing a sense of space and luxury. It includes a walk-in closet (WIC) with ample storage and a dedicated shoe bench, enhancing organization and convenience.

Furthermore, the kitchen is centrally located with a cathedral ceiling, maintaining an open concept and simplicity. It includes a kitchen island, offering additional counter space and a focal point for social interaction during meal prep.

Interestingly, both the dining and family rooms offer a clearance height of 17 feet, creating an open, airy feel. These areas are ideal for family gatherings and entertainment. The family room also features built-in shelves for additional storage or display.

As said earlier this plan is for a 3 bedroom barndominium, they are positioned for easy access to the family and dining rooms.

Moreover, there’s a full bathroom easily accessible from the living area and bedrooms. The laundry room is conveniently located for household chores without intruding on the main living space.

Extending along the front, the covered porch has a cathedral ceiling and is quite expansive, making it perfect for outdoor relaxation and entertaining.

Well, here’s how your barndominium will look like if built on this plan:

3 bedroom barndominium plan final look
Image credit: architecturaldesigns

What are the key highlights of this plan?

  • Spacious Master Bedroom: With high ceilings and a walk-in closet featuring a shoe bench.
  • Cathedral Ceilings: In the dining, family, and kitchen areas, enhancing the sense of space.
  • Central Kitchen: Featuring an island and positioned as the home’s hub.
  • Two Additional Bedrooms: Well-sized for family or guests.
  • Functional Laundry Room: Conveniently located for easy household management.
  • Expansive Covered Porch: With cathedral ceilings, extending the living space outdoors.
  • Built-In Storage: Including bookshelves in the family room and additional storage in the dining area.

Is there any negative side?

It’s a 3-bedroom plan with a total area of 1695 ft which means that the construction cost would be a little more than the small-sized barndo.

With only one bathroom, there might be congestion during peak times, especially if the home has full occupancy.

The bedrooms are relatively close to the family and dining areas, which may limit privacy and quietness.

Barndominium with Wrap Around Porch

Here’s another floor plan offers a blend of spacious, functional areas with the comfort of modern living, though the utility costs and acoustics may be points to consider.

Let me share the initial design layout below:

barndominium plan
Image credit: architecturaldesigns

What’s in the design?

The above barndominium design features several key areas:

  • Garage: A large, spacious garage that could serve multiple purposes, including vehicle storage, a workshop, or both.
  • Bedrooms: Three bedrooms are provided, two of which are the same size (Br. 2 and Br. 3), and a master bedroom (Mbr.) with its own bathroom (M. Bath).
  • Office: A small office space for work or study.
  • Great Room (Grt. Rm.): A large communal living space with a cathedral ceiling, offering a grand area for relaxation and family gatherings.
  • Kitchen (K.): A kitchen with a cathedral ceiling and an island, adjacent to the dining area (Din.), facilitating an open concept for social cooking and dining.
  • Entry: The entryway also features a cathedral ceiling, giving a sense of grandeur upon entering the home.
  • Covered Patios: Two covered patios provide outdoor living spaces for relaxation and entertainment.

Here’s what your barndominium will look like if built with this plan:

Floor layout final built look
Image credit: architecturaldesigns

From an owner’s perspective, this plan is well-suited for a family that values both communal and private spaces.

The large garage and office add practicality for a variety of home projects and work-from-home scenarios.

However, the cathedral ceilings, while aesthetically pleasing, might contribute to higher energy costs for heating and cooling due to the increased volume of space.

The great room’s placement at the center of the house, with bedrooms and office surrounding it, means noise could potentially travel into these quieter spaces.

Additionally, the mudroom between the garage and the main house can help keep the house clean but might feel like a bottleneck if the space is too small for the household’s traffic.

Positive sides

  • Ample Garage Space: Large 39′ x 35′ area suitable for multiple vehicles or a workshop.
  • Functional Mud Room: Offers transition space, reducing clutter and dirt in the main house.
  • Designated Office: Private space for home office activities.
  • Spacious Great Room: Features a 26′ cathedral ceiling, enhancing the feeling of openness.
  • Open Kitchen and Dining Area: With an island, fostering a social cooking and dining environment.
  • Master Suite Privacy: Located away from other bedrooms for more privacy.
  • Outdoor Living: Two covered patios with one featuring a large 60′ x 10′ space.

Negative sides

  • Single Bathroom for Secondary Bedrooms: Br. 2 and Br. 3 share one bathroom, which could be inconvenient.
  • Noise Potential: An open layout could lead to noise issues, with sound traveling to bedrooms and offices.
  • Limited Storage: Except for the master bedroom, other rooms lack walk-in closets or ample storage.
  • No Direct Bathroom Access: The mudroom has no direct access to a bathroom, which is a drawback when coming from outside or the garage.

2 storied rustic barn house floor plan

Let me now show you a two storied barndominium with 1,480 square foot garage.

From a homeowner’s perspective, this plan offers a mix of private and open spaces, with communal areas like the living room and kitchen/dining area designed for hosting and family activities.

The separation of the master suite on the first floor from the other bedrooms on the second floor allows privacy. The inclusion of utility spaces such as the laundry room and mud room adds to the practicality of the design.

Let me show you the initial plan first

Here’s the design layout for the first floor:

2 storied barndominium floor plan
Image credit: architecturaldesigns

Here’s the second floor design that separates the master suite from other areas which is the biggest catch of this floor layout.

2 storied barndominium floor plan second floor
Image credit: architecturaldesigns

What’s drawn in this floor plan?

First Floor:

  • Main Bedroom Suite: The master bedroom measures 16’5″ by 12’0″ and includes a walk-in closet (WIC) of 8’10” by 7’4″. It also has an attached bathroom.
  • Living Room: It is a spacious area with a 2-story ceiling height, making the room feel open and grand. The size is 15’0″ by 16’6″.
  • Kitchen and Dining: The kitchen features an island and is adjacent to the dining area, making for an open floor plan that is good for entertainment and family time. The kitchen measures 12’0″ by 14’10”, and the dining area is 10’1 1/8″ by 10’8″.
  • Utilities: This includes a laundry room and a half bathroom (1/2 BATH), providing functional spaces for the home’s needs.
  • Mud Room: A transitional space with lockers, likely used for storage and organizing outerwear and shoes, connecting to the garage.
  • Garage: The garage is a large area with substantial space for vehicles or a workshop. It has a dimension of 20′-2 7/8″ by 36′-4″ by 38′-9″.
  • Front Porch: There is a front porch running the width of the living room, providing an outdoor space to relax.

Second Floor:

  • Loft: Overlooking the living room below, the loft measures 16’5″ by 18’4″, which could be used as an additional living space, office, or play area.
  • Bedrooms: There are two additional bedrooms on this floor. Bedroom #2 is 15’4″ by 14’4″ with a walk-in closet, and Bedroom #3 is 11’8″ by 14’4″, also with a walk-in closet. Each has ample space for a comfortable private area.
  • Bathroom: There is a full bathroom on this floor, which is shared by the two bedrooms.
  • Balcony: There’s an indicated balcony space, which may provide outdoor access from the upper floor.

Here’s the final rustic look you will see after building:

2 storied barndominium final look
Image credit: architecturaldesigns


  • Privacy in Master Suite: The master suite is separated from the other bedrooms, offering privacy for the homeowners.
  • Open Floor Concept: The living room, dining area, and kitchen share an open floor plan, making the space feel larger and more connected.
  • Spacious Garage: Large garage area that can double as a workshop or storage space.
  • Additional Living Spaces: The second-floor loft offers a flexible space that can be used for various purposes like an office or entertainment area.
  • Outdoor Accessibility: Both a front porch and a second-floor balcony provide outdoor space for relaxation and entertainment.
  • Functional Design: The inclusion of a mud room and separate laundry room adds to the functionality of the home.
  • Walk-In Closets: All bedrooms have walk-in closets, offering ample storage space.


  • Stairs Accessibility: The two-story design means that stairs must be used to access the full range of the home’s features, which could be a concern for mobility.
  • Limited Bathrooms: There is only one full bathroom on the second floor, which must be shared by both bedrooms.
  • Potential for Noise: The loft’s openness to the living room below might lead to noise issues and less privacy in that space.
  • Energy Efficiency: High ceilings in the living area could make heating less efficient.
  • Distance Between Bedrooms: The master suite is on a different floor from the other bedrooms, which might be inconvenient for families with younger children.

Rustic barndo design layout

Let me now show another floor plan, appropriate for a rustic yet modern building.

Considering the blend of barn aesthetics and modern living, this barndominium plan could be attractive to those who want a unique and functional living space with a rustic charm.

You can also take advantage of customizing the loft and garage spaces according to your needs, whether for hobbies, storage, or additional living quarters.

Here’s the primary design layout:

Rustic barndominium floor plan design
Image credit: architecturaldesigns

What’s in this floor plan?

  • Main Bedroom: Located at the bottom left corner, the main bedroom measures 14’0″ x 16’6″ and includes a walk-in closet (WIC) of 7’0″ x 12’0″. Adjacent to the bedroom is Bath #1, which measures 9’0″ x 12’0″, providing a sizable ensuite bathroom.
  • Great Room: In the center, the great room is a substantial space with dimensions of 27’6″ x 16’6″. It’s denoted to have a vaulted ceiling, enhancing the room’s volume and creating an airy, open atmosphere.
  • Kitchen: The kitchen is open to the great room and has an island, but its specific dimensions are not labeled. It’s connected to a dining space, which is open to the rest of the area, fostering an open-concept layout.
  • Bedrooms 2 and 3: To the right, there are two additional bedrooms. Bedroom 2 measures 11’6″ x 12’0″ and includes a walk-in closet (WIC) of 6’0″ x 6’6″. Bedroom 3 is slightly larger, measuring 11’6″ x 12’6″ with a walk-in closet (WIC) of 7’6″ x 4’0″.
  • Covered Porches: There are three covered porches indicated. The front porch spans 29’0″ x 9’0″ and has a vaulted ceiling. Two additional covered porches are at the sides: one measuring 16’6″ x 12’6″ and the other 12’0″ x 12’6″, providing ample outdoor living space.
  • Additional Rooms: There’s a laundry room sized at 10’0″ x 7’6″, a powder room (PWD), and a mechanical closet (MC), although their specific sizes aren’t provided.
  • Foyer: The entrance includes a foyer, sized at 10’6″ x 12’0″, offering a welcoming entry point into the home.
  • Grill Space: On the top covered porch, a space is designated for a grill, indicating an area for outdoor cooking.

From a homeowner’s perspective, this barndominium offers a harmonious balance between modern amenities and rustic charm. It seems to provide a spacious and comfortable living environment while maintaining a connection with nature and the surrounding landscape.

The design choices made for this home could appeal to those who appreciate the beauty and simplicity of rustic design but don’t want to compromise on modern comforts.

Here’s the final look of your barndo

Rustic barndominium final look
Image credit: architecturaldesigns


  • Spacious master suite offers privacy and comfort.
  • Vaulted ceilings in the great room and front porch create a sense of openness and grandeur.
  • Open floor plan kitchen and dining area are ideal for entertaining.
  • Covered porches extend living spaces outdoors, promoting an indoor-outdoor lifestyle.
  • Dedicated laundry room adds practicality.


  • The great room’s large volume may be less energy-efficient to heat or cool.
  • Open floor plans can sometimes result in noise traveling more easily between spaces.
  • Maintenance of the extensive exterior, such as covered porches, may require more effort.

How did we consider the overall appearance?

Below is our observation on this rustic barndominium plan.

  • The exterior renders show a barndominium with a strong rustic aesthetic, featuring exposed wooden beams and a gabled roof.
  • The color palette and materials, such as dark siding and stone accents, complement the rustic style and blend with natural surroundings.
  • Large windows and doors invite natural light and views, aligning with the rustic theme of blending indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • The landscaping includes natural, low-lying shrubs and grasses that maintain the rural feel without competing with the architecture.
  • Lighting fixtures and outdoor furniture choices also echo the rustic-modern vibe, offering a contemporary twist on classic country living.

Let’s wrap

This is totally up to you whether you choose a modern farmhouse-type barndominium or a structure with rustic appeal. Whatever your preference is, always try to focus on space optimization, energy efficiency, and weatherproofing your home.

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