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Get US tax credit of $1200 for your barndominium insulation

Did you know that the Federal Government in the USA allows a tax credit of up to $1200 for an energy-efficient home?

We all know that proper insulation can make your home energy efficient if you use the insulation material at the required R-value.

Earlier, we wrote about insulating a barndominium that delivered a clear guideline about different insulation types.

In this article, we will focus on how can you get such tax credit for your barndominium.

How much tax credit can you get for your barndominium?

The Federal Government of the USA will allow the barndominium owners a tax credit of 30% (not exceeding $1200) of the total cost of insulating and air sealing.

This means if you can insulate your barndominium with closed-cell spray foam with a licensed contractor and perform an energy audit that proves the energy efficiency, you will be eligible for this tax credit.

tax credit on barndominium

More importantly, this tax credit would be available every year but is only limited to one barndominium.

That means you need to prove that the barndominium is your primary residence to get such a tax rebate.

Furthermore, this facility till valid till 31st December 2032 with a probable extension thereafter.

Earlier, there was a 10% (up to $500) tax rebate for the energy-efficient home till December 2022.

What are the eligibility requirements?

To get eligible for this $1200 tax credit, you need to meet the following criteria:

  • You must own the barndominium and that should be your primary residence
  • You need to build the installation after January 2023
  • You need to outline the details of expenses in Form 5695
  • You need to present a pre-energy audit and post-energy audit to prove the energy efficiency improvements
  • Your tax file needs to be accompanied by proper documentation such as suppliers’ quotations, work orders, delivery receipts, payment receipts energy audit reports, etc.

How to get an energy tax credit for banrdominium?

To enjoy this tax credit for your bardominium installation, you need to follow the procedures detailed below.

Qualify for the tax rebate

Firstly, confirm that you qualify. The government offers a tax deduction for specific energy-saving home enhancements, including insulation. It’s crucial to ensure your insulation upgrade adheres to the official requirements.

Insulate as instructed

Next, go ahead and add insulation to your house. This can be executed by a professional or yourself, but either way, the insulation should conform to the energy efficiency standards recognized by authorities.

Keep records for future reference

Don’t forget to hold onto every piece of paperwork related to this home improvement. Store all bills, receipts, and any other evidence of the work done and expenses incurred; you’ll need these when it’s time to claim your deduction.

Fill out Form 5695

When tax season arrives, reach for the latest Form 5695 to report your energy-efficient improvements and claim your deduction. If you installed the insulation in 2022 or before that, make sure to use the form version relevant to that year.

Determine the amount as per the instructions

The amount you’ll get back as a tax credit will vary depending on when the installation occurred. For insulation projects completed in 2022 or earlier, the incentive is generally 10% of the cost of the materials used. If you did the work in 2023 or later, the credit could be up to 30% of the installation costs, with a yearly cap of $1,200.

Finalize and file

Finally, when you file your taxes, attach the filled-out Form 5695 and include all the necessary supporting documentation. This credit could either lower the taxes you owe or boost your refund.

Keep in mind, that this is just a guide, and it’s always a smart move to consult a tax expert or look at the IRS’s latest instructions to get the most accurate and current information concerning tax credits related to home insulation in the U.S.

Are there any similar tax credits in the USA for barndominium owners?

Yes, Bardominium owner can claim a tax credit of $3200 at max in a year. Insulating your barndominium would give you a $1200 tax rebate. So, where is the rest $2000 coming from?

The tax credit includes other eligible energy improvement contributors such as windows, doors, skylights, and HVAC systems.

Normally, the first $1200 tax rebate comes from energy efficiency that includes insulation, using daylight, and installing doors and windows with high U-value.

Additionally, the $2000 can be achieved by installing qualified heat pumps, biomass stoves, or biomass boilers.

Please note, that tax credits on qualified heat pumps and biomass are not recurring. It is applicable for the first year only.

Can barndominium builders avail of the energy tax credit in the USA?

Only multi-family residence builders can avail of a tax credit on energy efficiency amounting to $2500 per home in the USA.

This means a barndominium builder will not enjoy such a tax rebate. Only single homeowners can avail of such opportunity as per the last available information from the IRS.

Property tax in the USA

In the United States, the way property taxes are calculated involves a two-step process.

First, the value of the property must be assessed, which might take into account the property’s current market value, how much income it could generate, or what it would cost to replace it.

After the property’s value is established, a tax rate known as the mill rate is applied.

The mill rate is essentially the amount of tax paid for every thousand dollars of the assessed property value.

The total derived from this formula represents the property tax bill the homeowner is responsible for.

It’s worth noting that property taxes serve as a significant source of funding for local and state governments across the U.S.


Tax credits on home insulation are just one of the advantages. It offers other positive sides that outweigh the costs you are incurring on insulating your barndominium.

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