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5 Amazing American Barndominium Designs [with Floor Plan]

American barndominiums often have a distinctive rustic or industrial look, reflecting their barn-like origins.

Such metal houses reflect a uniquely American blend of rural and modern living, appealing to those who value spaciousness, versatility, and a connection to the land.

While in other countries people also build the same metal home but, in USA, barndominium designs are always trendsetters for other countries.

In this article, we will share some amazing barndominium designs along with respective floor plans.

We have previous experience with designing and building Shouses in different areas of USA so, you can trust our expertise.

Let’s move on.

2 bedroom barndominium plan with patio

Here’s a two-bedroom American barndominium plan with a covered patio and multiple garages. (Plan 623142DJ)

This design reflects a trend towards homes that support a blend of lifestyle activities, such as hobbies that require significant space, and a taste for modern, open living environments.

It’s clear that for the right owner, this barndominium could offer a dream mix of comfort, functionality, and style. However, like any design, it has its limitations and wouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all solution.

2 bedroom American Barndominium floor plan
image: architecturaldesigns

What’s in this plan:

  • Master Bedroom (Mbr.): Sized at 15 x 15, a comfortable and spacious area for the homeowners to relax.
  • Master Bath (M.Bath): It measures 11 x 6, featuring a makeup area, which suggests a focus on personal grooming and luxury.
  • Walk-In Closet (WIC): A generous 6 x 8 space, which indicates the homeowners value ample storage for clothing and accessories.
  • Great Room (Grt. Rm.): This grand space is 16 x 18, ideal for entertaining or family gatherings.
  • Dining (Din.): At 9 x 14, it’s a cozy area that allows for intimate meals while still accommodating a good-sized dining table.
  • Kitchen (K.): With a dimension of 12 x 18, including an island that is 7 x 3, this area is likely the heart of the home, suitable for those who enjoy cooking or baking.
  • Laundry (Laun.): The laundry room is 6 x 7, a practical space for household chores, complete with a folding area.
  • Bedroom 2 (Br. 2): The second bedroom is 11 x 12, which is a standard size for a comfortable private space.
  • Mechanical Room (Mech.): Essential for housing the HVAC and possibly other systems, its inclusion in the plan shows attention to utility needs.
  • Garage (Gar.): A vast 45 x 35 space, likely to be appreciated by those with vehicles, hobbies, or the need for large storage.
  • Covered Patios: There are two, one at 12 x 19 and another at 25 x 8, offering sheltered outdoor space for relaxation or entertainment.

Here’s the final look of this design-

2 bedroom American Barndominium design
image: architecturaldesigns

Why this plan can be a good choice:

The barndominium design combines residential and functional spaces, which might resonate well with different owners due to:

  • The large garage space for hobbies, storage, or even a home-based business.
  • The open floor plan connects the kitchen, dining, and great room, fostering a social environment that’s perfect for families or entertainers.
  • The separation of bedrooms across the floor plan can provide privacy and tranquility.
  • The outdoor covered areas enhance living space, promoting an indoor-outdoor lifestyle.

The best parts of this design layout:

  • Spacious Garage: It’s impressive and multifunctional, serving as a storage area, workshop, or even a venue for large gatherings.
  • Open Concept Living Area: The flow between the great room, dining, and kitchen is conducive to a modern lifestyle, promoting interaction and togetherness.
  • Outdoor Living Space: The covered patios are a boon, offering space for outdoor relaxation or entertainment while providing protection from the elements.

Drawbacks of this floor plan:

  • Limited Bedrooms: With only two bedrooms, the space may not be suitable for larger families or those expecting to accommodate many guests.
  • One Bathroom: A single bathroom can be a significant inconvenience, especially when hosting or for everyday use by multiple residents.
  • Mechanical Room Access: Depending on its layout, the mechanical room’s location may not be ideal if it requires passing through more personal spaces to access it.

Modern American Barndominium

Here’s another modern barndominium design with multiple beds. (Plan 623203DJ)

The total size of this house would be 1983 square feet, having 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, and a garage of 3 cars.

This plan suits multiple family members or someone who intends to live in a bigger space.

This is pretty similar to the shouse plans that we published seperately.

Let me show you the floor plan first.

4 bedroom american barndominium floor plan
image: architecturaldesigns

What’s in this plan:

  • Master Bedroom (Mbr.): Spacious at 14 x 15, a personal retreat.
  • Mechanical Room (Mech.): Located strategically at 7 x 6.
  • Great Room (Grt. Rm.): Expansive area with a sloped ceiling, 17 x 18, which promises a grand space for various activities.
  • Dining (Din.): Comfortable dining space at 11 x 8 with a sloped ceiling that gives it an open feel.
  • Kitchen (K.): A sizeable 9 x 18 kitchen featuring an island of 3 x 6, indicative of an interest in cooking and socializing.
  • Bedroom 2 (Br. 2): A good-sized bedroom at 11 x 12.
  • Bedroom 3 (Br. 3): Another decently-sized bedroom at 11 x 12.
  • Bedroom 4 (Br. 4): The smallest bedroom, yet comfortable, at 11 x 10.5.
  • Mud Room: Essential for a clean home, especially in rural areas, with bench/lockers.
  • Garage: A colossal 44 x 34 space, perfect for vehicles or a workshop.
  • Covered Patio: At 25 x 8, this area provides a sheltered outdoor living space.
  • Pergola Covered Patio: An additional 12 x 19 space for outdoor enjoyment.

Why this plan can be a good choice:

  • Generous Living Space: The open-concept great room adjacent to the kitchen and dining areas provides a heart for the home, fostering togetherness.
  • Private Spaces: With four bedrooms, there’s ample privacy for each family member or room for guests.
  • Outdoor Accessibility: The covered patios and pergolas offer a smooth transition from indoor to outdoor living, emphasizing the connection with nature and enjoyment of the surroundings.
  • Functional Additions: The mudroom and mechanical room are pragmatic additions that enhance everyday living, with the former providing storage and cleanliness control and the latter ensuring easy maintenance.

Here’s the final look of this design:

4 bedroom american barndominium design
image: architecturaldesigns

The best parts of this barndominium:

  • Garage Size:
    • Why: At 44 x 34, the garage offers vast space not just for vehicles, but for hobbies, a home business, or storage.
  • Multiple Bedrooms:
    • Why: The presence of four bedrooms allows for versatility whether you need guest rooms, an office, or spaces for a growing family.
  • Open Concept Living Area:
    • Why: It caters to modern preferences for a spacious and social home environment.

Drawbacks of this design layout:

  • Single Living Area:
    • The plan doesn’t show a dedicated space for a home office or a second living area, which could be limiting for work-from-home scenarios or for households desiring multiple entertainment zones.
  • Distance Between Rooms:
    • Bedrooms appear to be spread out, which could be a concern for those with small children or those looking for a more compact layout.

Overall, this barndominium offers a blend of modern open-concept living with the functionality of a traditional home, and the added benefit of substantial outdoor space.

It’s clear that this design has considered the versatility and comfort a homeowner might seek, yet, like any home design, it presents certain limitations that would need to be weighed according to individual needs and preferences.

Small American Barndominium

Here’s a small barndominium design (896 sft), 1 bedroom and 1 bath.

This American barndominium design is suitable for small families needing separated yet ventilated space.

Here’s the design layout:

1 bedroom American barndominium floor plan
image: architecturaldesigns

What’s in this plan:

  • Living Room: Generously sized at 13′-1″ x 19′-8″, offering a spacious communal area.
  • Kitchen: Functional at 9′-11″ x 11′-8″, likely to be a central hub for the home.
  • Dining Room: Intimately scaled at 9′-0″ x 9′-8″, suitable for cozy meals.
  • Bedroom #1: A roomy personal space at 10′-11″ x 11′-6″.
  • Bedroom #2: Almost identically sized as Bedroom #1, at 10′-11″ x 11′-6″, for symmetry and fairness in space distribution.
  • Bathroom: Centrally located between the bedrooms for shared use.
  • Shop: A vast work area or storage space at 23′-9″ x 31′-5″.
  • Covered Porches: Two of them, one at 8′-0″ x 20′-0″ and the other at 36′-0″ x 8′-0″, for ample outdoor living.

Why this design can be a good choice:

  • The plan suggests a preference for open spaces and high ceilings, enhancing the sense of freedom and luxury.
  • With two similarly sized bedrooms, there’s an apparent value for balance and equality in personal space—perfect for a small family or roommates.
  • The large shop is indicative of the homeowner’s practical needs, whether for hobbies, storage, or a home business.
  • The ample covered porches signal a lifestyle that appreciates outdoor living, maybe with a side of barbecues and sunset watch parties.

Here’s the final look of this barndominium:

1 bedroom American barndominium design
image: architecturaldesigns

The best parts of this barndominium:

  • Large Workshop/Shop Area:
    • Ideal for large projects, storage, or even conversion into additional living space or a home business.
  • Spacious Living Room:
    • Acts as the home’s focal point for relaxation and gathering, emphasizing a social and family-centric lifestyle.
  • Outdoor Spaces:
    • With not one but two covered porches, the design caters to those who value outdoor living and entertaining.

Drawbacks of this barndominium:

  • Single Bathroom:
    • It could become a bottleneck for residents, especially when hosting guests.
  • Limited Number of Bedrooms:
    • While adequate for a small family or a couple, it doesn’t accommodate larger families or plans for expansion.
  • Potential for Underutilized Space:
    • Depending on the homeowner’s lifestyle, the large shop might be more than needed, resulting in unused space.

In essence, this barndominium captures a contemporary charm that balances work and leisure. Its open spaces and high walls promise a modern, loft-like feel, whereas the exterior design and covered porches speak to traditional comforts and a connection with the outdoors. These qualities, juxtaposed with potential limitations, offer a canvas for owners to tailor the space to their evolving lifestyles and preferences.

Large American Barndominium Design

Here’s a giant USA barndominium with 3,293 sft space, 4 beds, 2.5 baths, 2 storied metal structures. (Plan 623086DJ)

This is suitable for persons who require separate space with modern amenities.

Here’s the floor plan of the ground floor:

large american barndominium floor plan 1
image: architecturaldesigns

Here’s the floor plan for the second floor:

large american barndominium floor plan 2
image: architecturaldesigns

What’s in this plan:

First Floor:

  • Great Room (Grt. Rm.): A vast, welcoming area at 24 x 19 with a two-story ceiling.
  • Dining Room (Din.): Directly adjacent to the kitchen, measures 16 x 14.
  • Kitchen (K.): Central to the home at 11 x 19, featuring a sizeable island.
  • Master Bedroom (Mbr.): A sanctuary at 16 x 16, complete with an en suite master bath (9 x 16).
  • Laundry Room: Conveniently located at 10 x 6.
  • Office: A practical work space at 8 x 11.
  • Mudroom: Essential for organization at 13 x 7.
  • Garage/Shop: A massive multipurpose area at 49 x 59.
  • Covered Porches: There are two, offering outdoor comfort and entertainment space.

Second Floor:

  • Loft: Overlooking the great room, it’s a flexible space at 16 x 14.
  • Bedrooms 2, 3, 4: Each a square 12 x 12, ideal for kids, guests, or additional hobbies.

Why this barndo plan can be a good choice:

  • The spacious great room with a two-story ceiling is both grand and inviting, great for family time or entertaining.
  • Private spaces like the office and the loft provide versatility for work or relaxation.
  • The ample bedrooms suggest that the home is suitable for a family, with room for everyone to have their own space.
  • The expansive garage/shop could serve multiple purposes, from vehicle storage to a workshop or even a home-based business.

Here’s the final look of this building:

large american barndominium design
image: architecturaldesigns

The best parts of this structure:

  • Expansive Living Spaces:
    • The vast interior, especially the great room with high ceilings, provides an open, airy feel.
  • Multiple Outdoor Areas:
    • With several porches, residents can enjoy the outdoors in various settings, enhancing the living experience.
  • Private and Work Spaces:
    • The inclusion of an office and a loft means work-from-home and personal hobbies can be pursued without disturbing the household’s main flow.

Drawbacks of this barndo:

  • Heating and Cooling:
    • Large spaces with high ceilings can be challenging and expensive to heat and cool efficiently.
  • Staircase Accessibility:
    • A two-story design may not be ideal for those with mobility issues or as homeowners age.
  • Maintenance:
    • The expansive footprint, particularly the large garage/shop area, could entail significant upkeep and maintenance.

This barndominium melds the charm of rustic living with modern conveniences and spacious design. It offers a palatial feel while maintaining the cozy aspects of a traditional home. Depending on the homeowner’s lifestyle, family size, and long-term needs, this home could be an ideal fit or present some challenges down the line.

Also, see the top 5 simple barndominium designs.

Lofted barndominium design with rustic charm

Here’s another 2-storied metal structure having 4 beds, 3 baths, 4 car garage with a walk-in closet. (Plan 51949HZ)

This is another exclusive design and matches with modern American lifestyle.

Let me share the floor plans first:

Lofted american barndominium floor plan
image: architecturaldesigns

Here’s the design layout of the second floor.

Lofted american barndominium floor plan
image: architecturaldesigns

What’s in this design:

Upper Floor:

  • Loft: A sizable multi-use space at 20′-7″ x 14′-10″.
  • Bedroom 3: Comfortably roomy at 13′-11″ x 12′-2″.
  • Bedroom 4: Equal in comfort to Bedroom 3, at 14′-1″ x 12′-6″.
  • Bathroom 3: A necessary convenience, measuring 7′-2″ x 5′-2″.
  • Attic Space: Located over the garage, offering extra storage or potential living space.

Main Floor:

  • Master Bedroom: A large private retreat at 15′-4″ x 14′-6″.
  • Master Bath: A full-featured en-suite at 10′-8″ x 10′-4″.
  • Bedroom 2: A secondary bedroom at 11′-0″ x 12′-4″.
  • Great Room / Dining: A vast, open-concept space for living and dining at 24′-10″ x 20′-2″.
  • Kitchen: Well-appointed and spacious at 9′-6″ x 22′-6″.
  • Laundry Room: Essential and well-placed at 8′-4″ x 7′-0″.
  • Garage: A significant area at 24′-6″ x 39′-0″ that can be used as a workshop or for vehicle storage.

Why this plan can be a good fit:

  • The loft area gives the homeowners a flexible space that could serve as a family room, office, or hobby area.
  • The large garage could be a dream for someone with a need for a workshop or with several vehicles or outdoor hobbies.
  • With bedrooms on both floors, there’s potential for privacy and separation, which can be great for families with older children or for having guests stay.
  • The open floor plan for the great room and dining area lends itself well to modern living, promoting a social atmosphere.

Here’s the final look of your barndominium with this plan:

Lofted american barndominium design
image: architecturaldesigns

The best parts of this design:

  • Ample Living Space:
    • The great room and dining area’s open plan is ideal for family gatherings and entertainment.
  • Separate Work and Play Areas:
    • Having a loft and a large garage means work projects or hobbies can be kept separate from the main living areas.
  • Outdoor Access:
    • Multiple porches offer great opportunities for enjoying the outdoors.

Drawbacks of this barndominium:

  • Upstairs Bathroom:
    • Only one bathroom for two bedrooms upstairs could be a drawback, especially if both rooms are occupied regularly.
  • Privacy Concerns:
    • The open loft area overlooking the main floor might not offer much privacy or sound isolation.
  • Heating/Cooling Costs:
    • The high ceilings in the great room and the sizeable attic space might present challenges for energy-efficient heating and cooling.

It seems like this home could be a haven for someone who loves a blend of rustic charm and modern design, offering generous space inside and out. However, it’s not without its potential issues, which would depend heavily on the homeowner’s specific needs and lifestyle.

How different climate of USA impacts barndominium designs?

The diverse climate regions across the USA greatly influence barndominium styles, as they need to address the specific weather conditions and environmental factors of their locales.

For instance:

  • In the hot and humid South, like Texas or Florida, barndominiums often have high ceilings and large windows to help with air circulation and to keep the interior cool. Overhangs and covered porches are common to shade the windows and walls.
  • In colder northern climates, such as Minnesota or Wisconsin, barndominiums may have more compact designs with added insulation to retain heat, and pitched roofs to prevent snow accumulation.
  • Out in the arid West, like in Arizona or Nevada, you’ll find barndominiums constructed with materials that reflect sunlight and provide excellent insulation to keep the interior cool in extreme heat.

Here’s how climate shapes barndominium design:

  • Insulation: Thicker in colder climates to retain heat, and reflective in hot climates to repel heat.
  • Roofing: Steep in snowy areas to prevent build-up, flatter and with overhangs in sunny, hot areas.
  • Materials: Use of weather-resistant materials like steel in humid areas to resist corrosion, and stone or adobe in dry climates for natural cooling.
  • Windows: Smaller and double-paned in cold areas to reduce heat loss, larger and often with reflective coatings in warmer areas to maximize light while minimizing heat gain. Here’s a guide on choosing barndominium windows.

These adaptations ensure that barndominiums are comfortable, energy-efficient, and resilient, regardless of the regional climate challenges.

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