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Do Barndominiums Rust? # Causes & Solutions

Yes, barndominiums can rust. But, if you know the causes that cause metal corrosion then it is possible to prevent rust, for at least a considerable number of years.

Wooden barndominium or the shouse made with pole barn should not get rust as they are made of wood, there is risk of rotten wood instead of rust.

Most barndominiums are now built with prefabricated metal frames so, we thought that this is important to share the causes and probable solutions for rust protection.

In general, the poor grade of the metal, exposing them to an outdoor environment (moisture), and not performing periodic maintenance can cause rusting. However, we will look at them in more detail. Meanwhile, you may read more about the durability of barndominiums.

How does rust form?

Rust is a type of metal corrosion when it goes into a reaction with oxygen and water. Many times, moisture and oxygen together create such corrosion over the steel unless they are protected with rust patches and other types of anti-rust coatings.

Banrdominium rust reason

Usually, rust starts with a small portion of the steel and gradually starts growing. Such corrosion in the longer term can damage the longevity and structural strength of the metal frames.

Types of rust

There are several types of rust. Let’s discuss about them.

Red rust

Red rust is the most common type of metal corrosion. If you see a layer of reaction or oxidization on the surface of your barndominium steel structure then surely it is the red rust.

Red rust only happens when the metal frame of your shouse or barndominium gets into heavy contact with water and oxygen such as rainfall water or moisture coming from the soil due to crack in slab foundation.

Yellow rust

Yellow rust can be seen in bathtubs and sinks as such corrosion is only created when the steel or the metal frame is standing in a surface which is surrounded by the water always.

Yellow rust should not be a risk factor for the barndominiums since they are not surrounded by water.

Brown rust

Brown rust may appear on a particular area of the metal, not in the whole body. Such corrosion may happen even without the moisture because the main reason of brown rust is the manufacturing default.

It is highly advisable that before building your barndominium, you should prepare a questionire for your steel supplier and get clarification regarding the warranty of steel.

Brown rust usually does not happen if the manufacturer treats the iron well.

Black rust

Black rust appears when the metal frame stays completely apart from the oxygen. This is not a common type of rust and should not be seen suddenly. As a barndominium owner, there is very limited risk of black rust for you.

How to prevent metal rust

Prevention of rust does not always be upon you rather it is primarily the metal supplier’s responsibility.

However, if you know the terms and way of rust prevention then you can confirm this from the metal supplier before delivery and perform necessary actions if rust starts happening after installing the metal frames.

Metal rust can be prevented by the following ways (actions from manufacturer’s end):

  • Galvanizing (applying a zing coat over the steel)
  • Cathodic Protection (using electrical cathodes to protect underwater steel) – not applicable for the barndominiums
  • External coating (applying an external coat over the steel)
  • Bluing (using black oxide coating on the metal)
  • Electrolysis treatment (a specific treatment to convert the rust back into iron)

If you are going to build a barndominium, ask your metal vendor – what is their rust protection provision. Normally, the metal you are ordering will come with a red spray paint which acts as a considerable rust protection measure.

Even though the galvanization and powder coating is the best rust protection way but these will skyrocket your barndominium cost which is not feasible.

How to prevent barndominium from rust?

Banrdominium rust reason (clogged gutter)

Rust or metal corrosion appears when the metal frame gets connected with oxygen and water heavily. This means that you should first protect your steel from water since the oxygen is everywhere.

Normally, barndominium rust is caused due to:

  • Rainwater leakage
  • Humidity
  • Dirt

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Rain or, plumbing leaks

Generally, the barndominium metal frame will be covered by the wood panel or sandwich panel. Such siding not only hides the metal frames but also protects them from water and corrosion.

Plumbing leaks and exterior leaks can drip water slowly down the metal frames and will start corrosion if they are not solved immediately.

So, what should you do?

It is recommended to check the gutters periodically to see if there is any clogged area filled with water. You may also hire some gutter cleaners in each alternate year which will save your barndominium from corrosion in the long run.

Plumbing leaks can be seen from the inside so, if there is something, do not hesitate to troubleshoot as early as you can.


Is your barndominium is near by the ocean, there should be more water particles in the air which will slowly create corrosion unless the meral frames are coated with anti-rust elements.

Unfortunately, you cannot control the humidity and install a dehumidifier all around the area. However, you should have a humidity checker at your place and continuously monitor the metal frame to identify if there’s any rust occurring.

It is always recommended to get some anti-rust red paint spray and apply them well which creates rust protection for several years.

Dirt from soil

Due to the texture of the soil and improper construction of the slab foundation, dirt may enter close to the metal frames and create corrosion in the future.

For this, you need to ask your contractor earlier so that every possible dirt and mud protection has been applied to protect the steel from corrosion.

Moisture Control

By installing appropriate insulation, you can restrict the moisture inside your barndominium.

If you can stop moisture from coming in, then there would be less chance of oxidization and metal corrosion thereafter.

What should you do to stop rust?

To prevent your barn dominium from rust, the first advice we could offer is to paint the metal items. Pain creates an additional layer surrounding the metal which protects it from getting connected with the water and oxygen.

For the unpainted small metal parts, you may apply the oil by creating an anti-moisture coating. It will help prevent rust and control rust from spreading out.

You may apply vinegar spray which actually helps as an active rust protector.

For the muds and dirt perform a jet wash to remove them. But, make sure to apply some oil or anti-rust spray if the metal frames get connected with water during spraying.


Rust never comes automatically. If you can isolate the metal frames of your barndominium from the water, corrosion will never happen. It completely depends on you that hpoow to solve that!

If you have budget, ask your supplier to provide powder coated steel. Otherwise, perform those DIY hacks as we told.

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