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Are barndominiums durable? Let’s test with evidence

Yes, barndominiums are durable if you comply with the building codes, install climate-resilient doors & windows, and ensure proper insulation. The durability can further be extended upon installing coated metal that makes a huge moisture resistance.

We tried to figure out the tentative answer of how long a barndominium last with all other potential factors that affect the durability of a barndo.

In a nutshell, barndominium will last least likely 100 years or even more than that if you properly take care of the property. Since modern barndominiums are built with structured pre-fabricated steel frames, they are likely to survive strong hurricanes as well.

However, the longevity of a barndo cannot be straightly determined, since the construction of the property varies from owner to owner and place to place. For example, someone will construct a design using a wooden pole and someone will use a steel structure with the same design.

Some may buy powder coated steel frame which is rust-free, and some will invest more on sidings which ultimately makes a barndominium durable.

Durability of barndominium

How long does a barndominium last in the USA?

Barndominiums, with their robust construction and materials, have a potential lifespan that matches or even exceeds that of traditional wood-frame houses, which can last 100 years or more. The key to a barndominium’s longevity involves several factors, including the quality of construction, materials used, environmental conditions, and regular upkeep.

Construction Quality and Materials:
The durability of a barndominium begins with its construction. Utilizing a steel frame, which can last for hundreds of years if properly constructed, is a cornerstone of its longevity. Barndominiums typically feature slab foundations lasting 80 to 100 years and metal siding and roofing with a lifespan of 40 to 70 years, compared to the shorter lifespan of traditional materials like asphalt roofs.

Environmental Considerations:
The environment plays a significant role in the longevity of a barndominium. Areas with high humidity or proximity to the ocean increase the risk of rust, which can compromise the structure. However, steel barndominiums are designed to resist wind, with some capable of withstanding winds up to 120-150 mph, offering better resilience against natural disasters than many traditional homes.

Upkeep and Maintenance:
Regular maintenance is crucial to extend the lifespan of a barndominium. This includes routine checks for rust, inspecting the roof, and addressing any necessary repairs promptly. Despite steel’s resistance to many environmental factors, addressing rust and ensuring proper insulation are critical to prevent condensation and maintain structural integrity.

Important thing.

Few days back we did a research on “How strong wind can a barndominium resist” and we found a revolutionary solution that replaces the weaknesses of concrete bond. You may read that out to know more about expanding the barndo durability at best.

Factors affecting the durability of a barndominium

The following factors are the key variables that determine the durability of a barndominium.

In short, the four major factors that affect the durability of a barndominium which are:

  • Material type & quality
  • Quality of Foundation
  • Regular Maintenance
  • Environmental hazard

Let’s talk about them broadly. Meanwhile, you may read more on weatherproofing a barndominium.


The stronger and better material used to build a barndo, the more durable it will be. Surely the metal barndo will last longer than the wooden pole-made construction. On top of that, if you can rustproof your steel and keep them isolated from moisture or water through quality roofing and siding, barndominiums will last longer than the expectations.

Make sure to prepare yourself before negotiating with the steel frame supplier.


Barndominiums would require a solid foundation whether they are built with steel or wood. If you are using the lab foundation, make sure that tree root extraction has been done properly and soil grounding has been done. Otherwise, any part of the tree root (if not extracted properly) will become rotten and hamper the strength of the foundation and will adversely affect the overall structural strength of the barndominium.

Notably, if you are making a basement for your barndo, make sure to double-check with your steel supplier and civil contractor to ensure that it requires any structural engineering knowledge that your civil contractor may lack.

Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance is the key to the durability of a barndo. Owners need to ensure that the metal frames are not exposed to any corrosion resulting from any leakage of water. SUch leakage may from from clogged gutter or plumbing fittings. Sometimes, poor roofing and water dripping in the basement can cause corrosion if regular maintenance is not done.

Similarly, owners need to check the overall humidity of the area as an extremely humid environment can cause metal corrosion due to chemical reactions with metal, water, and oxygen. In such circumstances, a dehumidifier may help, or applying the DIY rust-proofing technique would help expand the durability of the barndominium.

Banrdominium rust reason (clogged gutter)

Environmental impact

Even though the barndominiums can fit in any type of environment and wind, still there are climate factors affecting the overall durability of the barndominium.

For instance, salty water surrounding a barndominium would damage the strength of the slab foundation and cause steel corrosion. Heavy winds may not hamper the structural strength of your metal frames but they may damage the roofing and siding especially if something hits them hard.

Such incidents may cause a leak which further leads to metal rust and hamper the durability of the barndominium. So, it is important to upkeep your barndo, regardless of thinking about the significance of the incidents.

Durability enhancement tips

This section covers some guidelines that will help you to increase the durability of your barndominium.

Need a Durable Barndominium Floor Plan?

We filtered out the trending barndominiun design layouts in one place.

Regular maintenance

You should not make any compromise, especially on the regular upkeeping. For example, do not forget to check and clear if there are any clogged gutters. You may get a regular maintenance contract with any of your local gutter cleaning professionals who will automatically perform a periodic cleaning service. We would emphasize the gutter much because this is the primary source from where the leakage and meta corrosion commonly.


You need to ensure that the top-notch insulation materials are placed on the roofing and siding. Insulation is so important because it blocks the outdoor temperature and protects from any wall cavities.

You may use spray foam insulation as it lasts longer and protects better than other types of insulation. Overall, such spray foam insulation will block any air and temperature passing from one side to another which ultimately protects the structural strength of the siding and roofing. Moreover, better insulation means stronger leakage protection which ultimately helps in making a barndominium durable.

Air Sealing

Air sealing helps with free air passing through protecting the steel frames from rusting. You should ensure that the contractor has properly sealed the steel cracks, and gaps beside the electrical boxes and piping.

A suitable air sealing method could be applying spray foam inside the gaps and cracks.

Doors & windows

Installing storm doors and windows will boost the durability of a barndominium in several ways, which include:

  • Fills air gaps beside the barn
  • Protects barndominium from strong wind
  • Resist temperature deviation during heavy rainfall and snow

Let’s summarize

There is only a straight answer that barndominiums are sustainable and durable. However, the longevity of the barndominium will depend on the quality of land location, steel frames, insulation, and weather proofing.

If you can ensure all potential weatherproofing has been done with your barndominium and metal frames well coated to get rid of rust, then the barndominium would easily last 100 years or more.

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