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Barndominium Moisture Problems & Solutions [Proven Results]

Barndominium offers a blend of the rustic charm of a barn along with the comfy amenities of the condominium and the moisture can be a real party pooper.

You should address if your structure is prone to moisture problems and discuss this before giving a final work order to your metal contractor.

We saw that in heavily humid areas such as Virginia, where humidity often reaches 81% in the morning and gets back to around 50% in the evening.

Here, we will discuss why moisture problems are becoming a big headache for the barndos and how can we solve this.

So, let’s begin…

How does moisture attack the barndominium?

Mainly, moisture hits any barndominium in three ways. Firstly, through condensation when warm moist air gets connected with the cool metal properties; Secondly, due to improper insulation or air leakage and finally, through the windows and doors.

Barndominium Moisture Problem Picture

Many barndominiums are built with metal frames and siding. Metal is like that friend who’s super cool but has a few quirks. It’s durable and low maintenance but not the best when it comes to dealing with moisture. When the warm, moist air inside your barndo meets the cool metal surface, it’s like when you grab an icy drink on a hot day – condensation happens.

Another reason moisture might sneak in is insulation or the lack thereof. Insulation in a barndominium is like wearing a cozy jacket on a chilly day. It keeps the warmth in and the cold out. But if it’s not done right, it can lead to moisture buildup inside the walls. And we all know that’s no good.

Windows and doors are another spot where moisture likes to hang out. If they’re not properly installed or sealed, moisture can waltz right in like it owns the place, leading to condensation and, eventually, water damage.

How does the moisture harm your barndo?

So, what happens when moisture decides to make itself at home in your barndominium? Well, for starters, it can lead to mold and mildew, which welcomes ants at a picnic. Not only do they look nasty, but they can also cause health issues, especially for family members with allergies or asthma.

Barndominium moisture problem allergy

Furthermore, moisture can warp wood, rust metal, and peel paint. It’s like letting a bull loose in a china shop – nothing good comes out of it. Over time, this damage can weaken the structure of your barndominium, leading to some serious repair bills.

The big impact is the metal rust. Unless your barndominium is built with a powder-coated metal frame, the moisture, oxygen, and the metal kick off a chemical reaction that forms iron oxide, or what we commonly call rust.

How would you protect the barndominium from moisture?

Below is a checklist of probable solutions to protect your barndominium from moisture.

  • Embrace the Power of Proper Ventilation: Think of your barndominium as a living, breathing entity. It needs good airflow to stay healthy. Install vents, fans, or even a whole-house ventilation system to keep air moving and moisture at bay. It’s like giving your home a set of lungs that breathe out damp air and breathe in fresh, dry air.
  • Insulate Like a Boss: Insulation is your barndo’s armor. It keeps the warmth in and the cold out, but it also plays a key role in moisture control. Use high-quality insulation materials, especially those with moisture-resistant properties. Pay special attention to walls, roofs, and floors. It’s like wrapping your home in a cozy, dry blanket.
  • Seal the Deal: Cracks and gaps around windows, doors, and foundations are like open invitations for moisture. Use sealants and weather-stripping to crash moisture’s party before it even starts. It’s akin to setting up a force field around your barndominium.
  • Dehumidify Your barndo: In areas where humidity loves to hang out, like bathrooms and kitchens, a dehumidifier can be your best friend. It sucks the moisture right out of the air, keeping the environment comfortably dry. Imagine it as having a moisture vacuum that keeps the air crisp and clean.
  • Grade Your Ground: Water loves to take the path of least resistance. By sloping the ground away from your barndominium, you’re directing water to flow elsewhere, keeping your foundation dry. It’s like building a moat around your castle to keep invaders out.
  • Gutter Up: Gutters and downspouts are your first line of defense against roof water. Keep them clean and ensure they’re directing water well away from your foundation. Think of it as creating a water slide for the rain to exit stage left, far from your barndo.
  • Keep an Eye on the Sky: Metal roofs are fantastic for barndominiums but keep tabs on them. Make sure there’s no standing water or debris accumulation. Regular inspections and maintenance can prevent water from overstaying its welcome. It’s like being on neighborhood watch but for your roof.
  • Landscaping as a Shield: Use landscaping to your advantage. Plants that absorb a lot of water can help manage the moisture level in the soil around your home. Plus, they make your barndominium look even more fabulous. It’s like recruiting an army of nature’s sponges to guard your home.
  • Become a Crack Detective: Regularly inspect your barndominium for signs of moisture, such as water stains, mold, or peeling paint. Catching these clues early can help you address moisture issues before they become serious. You’re like a detective, solving the mystery of moisture before it becomes a full-blown saga.

Need a Moisture-free Barndominium Floor Plan?

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Here’s a table that outlines season-wise appropriate humidity levels for different zones in the USA:

U.S. ZoneWinter (%)Spring (%)Summer (%)Fall (%)
season-wise appropriate humidity levels for different zones in the USA


Preventing moisture would be easy if you invest in insulation and air sealing. The rest will depend on how would you maintain your barndominium during extreme cold and rainy seasons. However, the sky is, never let the indoors moist otherwise you will suffer.

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