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How to make a barndominium weatherproof? [6 proven ways]

To make your barndominium durable, you need to weatherproof the construction at any cost.

Weatherproofing increases the durability of a barndominium by the following ways:

  • Increase the lifespan of the barndo which ultimately ensures better resale value
  • Offers healthy living for you and other family members
  • Protects you from storm and other natural disaster
  • Protects the steel frame from rust and other types of corrosion

In this article, we will write about the proven ways to weatherproof a barndominium and will discuss the significance of each of the weatherproofing techniques.

Ways to weatherproof a barndominium

How to weatherproof a barndominium

In a nutshell, the following are the proven ways to weatherproof your banrdominium:

  • Steel coating
  • Insulating with spray foam or, fiberglass
  • Air sealing
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Moisture locking
  • Installing storm doors & windows for hurricane-proofing.

Let us discuss them broadly.

Steel coating

Most modern barndominiums are made with prefabricated steel structures which requires your attention first. You need to order a steel vendor who will make the pieces of steel frames as per your given barndominium floor plan.

Before considering other weatherproofing techniques, you need to talk to your steel supplier regarding his provision for rusted steel.

Rust of barndominium steel

There are several ways by which you can control rust and other types metal corrosion. However, make sure to go with at least painted or coated steel which reduces the risk of metal corrosion significantly. This is your first step to fixing the structural integrity of your barndominium as well as the weatherproofing task.

Foam insulation

Since the bardnominiums are the open frame construction, the exterior sidings are the first thing to get exposed to the rough weather. Normally, there are two metal panels in the exterior of your barndominium which we call siding.

Experts use two panels so that both can have space in between which limits the free flow of temperature. Alternatively, the gap between two metal panels will ensure that the inside temperature is not directly affected by the change in outdoor temperature and humidity.

Spray foam insulation for weatherproofing barndominium

However, only a couple of metal panels cannot make your barndominium weatherproof as blank space would have air that contains moisture and temperature. Applying spray foam or other types of insulating material such as melted cellulose will reduce the amount of trapped air in between two metal frames. Eventually, it will act as the strongest weather guard by protecting the indoor ambiance from any sudden deviation in outdoor temperature and humidity.

Choosing an insulation method would require further considerations as below:

  • If the barndominium is located in a cold climate, you need to choose an insulation with a higher R-value.
  • Spray foam suits best of the steel structure but for the wooden barndominium, you need to use fiberglass or cellulose insulation for best result.
  • If budget is not an issue, always prefer the spray foam insulator as it offers the maximum R-value compared to fiberglass and cellulose insulation.
  • If the moisture barrier is your priority, there is no option left except for the spray foam.

Air sealing

Air sealing closes all of the entry points of outdoor air which ultimately acts as a weatherproofing technique.

This is essential because air sealing will help protect steel from oxidization and make your barndominium energy efficient by keeping the indoor temperature for a longer time.

Weatherproofing with air sealing

As a method of weatherproofing a barndominium, you need to perform the following steps to perform better air sealing:

  • Start identifying air leaks by looking at cracks, plumbing points, and door/window sidings.
  • You may apply caulk or spray foam for the smaller air leaks. But for the larger leaks, you need to apply rigid foam insulation for best results.
  • Do not forget to apply the sealant for a better seal.
  • For the best result, hire any local service provider.

Gutter Cleaning & gutter guards

Rain gutters are crucial if you think about weatherproofing your barndominium. In most cases, clogged rain gutter creates rain leaks and then rust on the metal frames.

However, before considering regular cleaning, you need to understand which gutter works best for banrdominium weatherproofing.

Weatherproofing with rain gutter

For instance, most people choose aluminum gutters for cost-effectiveness; however, steel gutters are best in terms of durability and snow resistance.

We always prefer to go with the large gutter so that it can capture as max rain water as it can. Investing in the gutter guards can be beneficial as it protects from clogged water.

Moisture locking

Moisture especially a deviated moisture harms the barndominium much. By installing the best insulation and performing air sealing, you have already blocked the moisture. However, there are still ways to protect your barndominium from external moisture.

For instance, a vapor barrier would work as a weatherproofing support system. A vapor barrier represents applying plastic or foil sheets with insulation which stops diffusion.

There are several advantages of applying a vapor barrier, which are:

  • Keeps your barndominium free from mold and other structural damage
  • Stops metal corrosion or rust
  • It keeps you in comfort even if in extremely humid weather

Storm door & windows

Lastly, installing storm doors and windows will protect your barndominium from rough weather such as heavy storms and hurricanes.

Storm doors and windows not only offer you weatherproofing but also act as a safety measure. It helps to protect the inner temperature from getting deviated and also, offers light when needed.

A few things need to be kept in mind before choosing a storm door or a storm window. For example, if you need durability choose the aluminium storm door. For inexpensive buyers, vinyl can be an option. However, fiberglass is extremely durable but they are quite expensive.

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Weatherproofing is a must-do action if you are building a barndominium. Even if it costs you, try to do your best as every effort you make in weatherproofing will pay you back either in the form of future resell value or as a healthy well-being.

We hope that our article was helpful.

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